Masterchef pictures

See we can all smile !
Yes its me with the trophy ... I will post some diaries soon ! Thank you again for all the lovely messages !
Trio of Rabbit Starter

Crab Thermidor Main
Lavender Mousse dessert


  1. Hi Mat - I have only just figured out how to post a comment on your blog - I bet others are having the same problem: there's no link to comment on the main page (only on individual posts). Or maybe everybody else has it figured out and you just haven't approved their comments yet :-D

    Anyway, I wanted to send you my congratulations. I had a good feeling about your cooking and your chances on MC right from the start, and by the last few days I was really hoping you'd win - when they said your name at the end, I let out a whoop that made my nine-year-old wander in and look at me like I'd lost my mind LOL

    All the stuff you made looked/sounded so delicious, and you obviously were really taking notice of all the information you were being given - and wow! what presentation you were doing by the end! It was so clear throughout that you cared hugely about the food you made, and that you just wanted people to love it. Well done - and best of luck with your soon-to-be restaurant :-)

  2. Congratulations, Mat. I was glued to the entire series from start to finish, well done.

  3. Phew, thats quite a schedule for filming - I suppose it was needed to produce such an a addictive run up to the final day. Am I right in thinking that there was a couple of months off after the semi finals?

    Well done and good luck with your future venture.

  4. Congratulations on your win! I really enjoyed watching Masterchef this year.

  5. Hey Mat, I also loved watching you and I was really glad that you won. Well deserved! Chris single?!!

  6. LOL ... no he's not ... sorry to disappoint !